As our name implies, Energy Buster is a team of specialist energy engineers. For decades we've advised some of Australia's biggest energy users how to be more efficient and cut power bills. We've helped businesses of all shapes and sizes in different industries optimise energy outcomes. Our work is accurate, highly regarded and global best practice.


    From solar photovoltaics and lights through to air-conditioning and refrigeration, our engineering team knows it, understands how it works and how to make it more efficient. Understanding the precise interactions and outcomes of key elements enables us to design solutions that achieve deep energy efficiencies, pay for themselves from the savings and perform for the long term.


    We're solving customers' energy headaches every day. Check out what our clients say about our work. Our objective is to make the complex energy arena simple and create solutions based on your actual needs, not industry hype.  Our extensive knowledge and experience enable us to show the way to a more informed, efficient and manageable energy future.